“Modern technology combined with spiritual consciousness is the need of the hour.”

-Dr. G. Venkataswamy, Founder-Aravind Eye Hospitals

Aravind Eye Foundation Board
Dr. Christine Melton
Treasurer & Secretary
Ms. Pavithra Mehta
Dr.S. Aravind
Lady Neelam Feachem
Mr. Thulasiraj Ravilla
Dr.R.D. Ravindran
Ms. Meena Roberts
Dr. Alan Robin
Mr. Todd Robin
Mr.Sriram Viswanathan
Advisory Board
Mr. Jose Barquin
Dr. Morton Goldberg
Mr. David Green
Ms. Santha Jeyabalan
Ms. Meg Lueker
Prof. Fred Munson
Mr.D. Nagarajan
Dr.P. Namperumalsamy
Prof. Kasturi Rangan
Dr. Bruce Spivey
Executive Director
Ms. Donna Campbell

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Dear Friends,
Dr. V was prophetic in seeing how technology could change lives and further Aravind’s mission to eliminate needless blindness. Aravind’s award-winning tele-ophthalmology system is now deployed in 66 centers across Tamil Nadu, bringing first-class eye care to some of India’s most remote villages. In collaboration with Google, we are applying AI to diagnose diabetic retinopathy. And, Aurolab, Aravind’s manufacturing company, is continually developing new technologies to make eye care accessible and affordable.

But Dr. V also recognized that technological advance without thoughtful compassion for the patient is insufficient. Even detrimental. That “patient-first” approach is what Aravind brings to all our technology development and partnerships.

As always, thank you for your unwavering trust and support of our mission.

Warmest regards,
The Board Members of the Aravind Eye Foundation
Vision screening is Front Page News!

Aravind’s successful vision screening program was featured on the front page of the Sunday New York Times. In collaboration with eye glass innovator and retailer, WarbyParker, Aravind screened more than a quarter of a million kids and provided 8500 eye glasses to school children in Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry last year. Read the whole article here
Drawing a Ring of Hope around eye cancer in children.
Aravind’s Ring of Hope program, founded in 2004, provides treatment for children with retinoblastoma, a virulent form of eye cancer that primarily affects children under the age of five years.

One of those children is Diwakar, who had to have surgery when he was two years old, because his cancer was too advanced to save his eye. His parents brought his younger sister Rithika to the hospital just after she was born, and Aravind was able to save her vision and her life. Today, both children are thriving, and their success story was reported in The Hindu newspaper, as part of Retinoblastoma Awareness month. Click here to read more.

Treating retinoblastoma successfully, like any cancer, takes several years of follow-up treatment and screening. Thank you to the Sohum Foundation, the Madison Community Foundation Jaya G. Iyer Endowment Fund, the Umberto and Clorinda Romano Foundation, the Yvette and Derryck Dias Foundation and countless individual donors. Your generosity has supported more than 6500 patient visits for kids like Diwakar and Rithika and ensured that they grow up cancer-free and full of hope.
Training the next generation of eye care professionals.
Continuing medical education is crucial for Aravind doctors, who are at the forefront of global policy-making and training the next generation of eye care personnel. To date, Aravind has trained nearly 20,000 people from 87 different countries. In India, 15% of ophthalmologists are Aravind-trained.

We are grateful to the Allene Reuss Memorial Trust, which provides travel grants to Aravind physicians to train with preeminent ophthalmologists at leading eye hospitals throughout the world. This year, Aravind fellows studied at Massachusetts Eye and Ear, Boston, Jules Stein Eye Institute, University of California, Los Angeles, Johns Hopkins Wilmer Eye Institute, Baltimore, Kellogg Eye Center, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and others.
Aravind welcomes Conrad Hilton Coalition Fellows
We are very pleased to welcome Shazzad Khan and Adrien Guassen, who will spend three months at the Aravind Eye Care System, as part of the Conrad Hilton Coalition Fellowship to develop the next generation of non-profit leadership.

Shazzad comes to Aravind from BRAC, the world’s largest social enterprise and NGO, where he was the team leader for Interaction Design in BRAC’s Social Innovation Lab. He has extensive experience in human-centered design and design thinking.

Adrien works at Simon-Kucher and Partners, a global strategy consultancy, as a strategy and marketing consultant in pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries. He has helped successfully launch innovative medical products for patients in the Americas, the EU, and parts of Asia.