Work must become a practice of self – evolution. It is not about buildings, equipment, money or material things, but a matter of consciousness. 
- Dr.G.Venkataswamy, Founder, Aravind Eye Care System

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Dear Friends, 

This spring, the Aravind Eye Foundation traveled to India to visit our colleagues at the Aravind Eye Care System. A visit to Aravind is always eye-opening, always humbling, reminding us again and again that the most important part of the “Aravind model” are the people.

In Madurai, we met with every member of Aravind’s retinoblastoma team – experts in treatment and research for this devastating childhood eye cancer. We toured several vision centers and talked to patients and the skilled, compassionate women who provide primary eye care to India’s rural populations. We went to Pondicherry and heard about a new method of training teachers to screen for vision problems in schools.

And, throughout our trip, we were reminded of you – our friends, volunteers, and donors who make this work possible. You are critical in helping Aravind fulfill its mission of eliminating needless blindness. Thank you for your on-going, generous support!

Warmest regards, 
The Board of Aravind Eye Foundation 

Beyond Borders – Aravind in Africa

Africa The Hilton Cataract Initiative is a unique collaboration among the Conrad Hilton Foundation, the Bloomberg School of Public Health and LAICO, Aravind’s healthcare consulting arm, to build capacity within five hospitals in Sub-Saharan Africa. Each hospital receives training at Aravind, on-site mentoring from Aravind doctors and consulting, and funding for equipment.

Senior LAICO consultant Deepa Krishnan has been on-site at the Fitsum Eye Clinic in Ethopia for the past month, training Dr. Fitsum and his staff in the Aravind model. While you might expect to find many differences between India and Ethiopia, she has also found striking similarities to Aravind. “The diseases are different, but the circumstances are familiar,” she said. “Abject poverty, resource scarcity, dignity in the face of relentless disease, and complete trust in the care provider. The very birthplace of Aravind.

Click here to read more about Deepa’s work with the Fitsum Eye Clinic.

Spectacles 4 Scholars Expands to 6 Aravind Hospitals

Aravind is expanding its successful school screening program to all six Aravind Eye Hospitals in Tamil Nadu. This year, Aravind will screen more than 500,000 school children and provide 20,000 spectacles. And, we need your help!


Thank you to the J.J. Keller Foundation!
Rural Vision Centers are at the heart of Aravind’s strategy to provide universal care to 10 million people by 2020. Today, there are 51 centers throughout Tamil Nadu, staffed by skilled technicians who provide eye exams, fit patients with glasses, and treat minor conditions. Every patient sees an Aravind doctor via high-speed Internet and is transported to an Aravind Hospital for surgery, if needed.

We are pleased to announce that the J.J. Keller Foundation has provided funding for two vision centers in the villages of Rayavaram, in the Pudhukottai district, and Kalugumalai in Tuticorin districtof Tamil Nadu, India.

You did it! We exceeded our goal for the Retinoblastoma Challenge Grant!

Thanks to the incredible generosity of donors like you, we raised more than $160,000 to purchase the equipment for our Retinoblastoma Genetic Testing Lab. Retinoblastoma is a fast-growing, often fatal eye cancer that affects children under age five. Your gift provides affordable testing to Aravind’s youngest patients, so that their disease can be diagnosed and treated while there is still time to save their vision and their lives.