“To give sight for all and to see all as one.”

- From the journals of
Dr. G. Venkataswamy, Founder of Aravind Eye Care System

Aravind Eye Foundation Board
Dr. Christine Melton
Treasurer & Secretary
Ms. Pavithra Mehta
Dr.S. Aravind
Lady Neelam Feachem
Mr. Jerry G. Jones
Ms. Meg Lueker
Mr. Thulasiraj Ravilla
Dr.R.D. Ravindran
Dr. Alan Robin
Mr.Sriram Viswanathan
Advisory Board
Mr. Jose Barquin
Dr. Morton Goldberg
Mr. David Green
Ms. Santha Jeyabalan
Prof. Fred Munson
Mr.D. Nagarajan
Dr.P. Namperumalsamy
Prof. Kasturi Rangan
Dr. Bruce Spivey
Executive Director
Ms. Donna Campbell

Make a
Dear Friends,

Aravind Eye Care System will be 40 years young this year! How far we’ve traveled from that small 11-bed hospital in Annanagar, Madurai! Today, Aravind is the largest provider of eye care in the world, with fewer complications and better results than the best hospitals in the UK and US.

How did we get here? With your help. With much dedication, selflessness, and support from each Aravind employee, volunteer and donor. Many of you have traveled to Madurai to give your time and talent and have seen first-hand the “Aravind Model” at work. You’ve helped the sisters to organize an eye camp in a rural village. You’ve paid for a child to receive free treatment for eye cancer. You’ve collaborated with Aravind research scientists. You’ve worked with our marketing team to tell the world about Aravind.

Thank you for being part of the journey so far. We look forward to celebrating your and Aravind’s accomplishments throughout 2016.

Warmest regards, 
The Board of Aravind Eye Foundation
Update on Retinoblastoma Genetics Lab
We are grateful for the generous support of the Allene Reuss Memorial Trust, the SoHum Foundation and the many friends who helped Aravind build the first genetic testing lab in the developing world for retinoblastoma (eye cancer). Thanks to your support, Aravind has become an internationally-recognized center of excellence for retinoblastoma research and treatment. Most notably, Aravind has been awarded two multi-year grants from the Indian government for future research in the genetic causes of retinoblastoma.

Aravind‘s unique rapid-sequencing process significantly reduces the time (and therefore the cost) to identify genetic mutations. As a result, we are able to offer affordable testing to Aravind patients, as well as to families throughout the world.

We still need your help to save the sight and lives of our patients. If you would like to provide treatment for a child with eye cancer, click here to make a donation and join Aravind’s Ring of Hope.
India’s Children Can See Their Way to a Better Future

In March, Aravind received a grant of $20,000 from the Jaya G. Iyer Endowment Fund, a Field of Interest fund at the Madison Community Foundation toward our Spectacles for Scholars program. This program provides free vision screening and eyeglasses to school children in Pondicherry and Tamil Nadu, India.

Free eye glasses have a major impact on a child’s development. Wearing eye glasses has been shown to improve math’s scores as much as reducing class size and can produce the same effect as six months’ more education. The impact is greatest among the poor, where education is the way to a better life.

The Jaya G. Iyer Endowment Fund supports organizations in the United States and India engaged in the treatment of blindness, eye diseases, injury or other afflictions impairing the eyesight of persons living in India. Madison Community Foundation uses its local knowledge and assets to inspire giving, support meaningful initiatives, and connect people for the common good. We are grateful for their support!
Aravind Opens 57th Rural Vision Center – 93 to Go!
Thanks to an anonymous donor, Aravind Eye Care System inaugurated its 57th Rural Vision Center in R.S. Mangalam in Tamil Nadu, India, to overwhelming response -- 170 outpatients registered on the opening day. Aravind’s Rural Vision Centers provide general eye care to rural populations of about 50,000 to 70,000, and connect to Aravind Eye Hospitals via Aravind’s award-winning telemedicine system. Aravind plans to build 150 centers by 2020, providing universal coverage to 10 million people in Southern India.
Interview with Thulsi Ravilla, CEO of Aravind Eye Care System, on Selfless Innovation
What’s the secret for disruptive innovation – the Holy Grail for all entrepreneurs and venture capitalists? Do it for someone else. At Columbia University’s Healthcare for Millions conference, Mr. Thulsi Ravilla, CEO of Aravind Eye Care System, spoke on the need for Selfless Innovation. “When your focus is just to better things for yourself, you focus on incremental improvements at best, so you seldom come up with the disruptive innovations that really make an impact. Anyone who wants to have an innovation which is very meaningful and impactful, they really will have to do this for someone else.”