“My goal is to spread the Aravind model to every nook and corner of India, Asia, and Africa; wherever there is blindness, we want to offer hope.”

- From an interview for the Harvard Business Case, Aravind Eye Hospital, Madurai, India: In Service for Sight
Dr. G. Venkataswamy, Founder of Aravind Eye Care System

Aravind Eye Foundation Board
Dr. Christine Melton
Treasurer & Secretary
Ms. Pavithra Mehta
Dr.S. Aravind
Lady Neelam Feachem
Ms. Meena Roberts
Ms. Meg Lueker
Mr. Thulasiraj Ravilla
Dr.R.D. Ravindran
Dr. Alan Robin
Mr.Sriram Viswanathan
Advisory Board
Mr. Jose Barquin
Dr. Morton Goldberg
Mr. David Green
Ms. Santha Jeyabalan
Prof. Fred Munson
Mr.D. Nagarajan
Dr.P. Namperumalsamy
Prof. Kasturi Rangan
Dr. Bruce Spivey
Executive Director
Ms. Donna Campbell

Make a
Dear Friends,

This spring, several Aravind Eye Foundation board members travelled to India to see the Aravind model in action first-hand. We visited a rural vision center at R.S. Mangalam, a village about 100 kilometers from the base hospital in Madurai – here, Aravind technicians are providing affordable, primary eye care to 50,000 people. At a school vision screening, we got caught up in the excitement as the kids tried on their spectacles -- a life-changing, but inexpensive cure to vision loss. We toured the newly inaugurated Genetics Lab for Retinoblastoma with Dr. Usha and Dr. Muthu, who are changing the odds for children with this devastating form of cancer. And, all around us, we saw the commitment to providing high-quality, efficient, compassionate care to all patients, regardless of their ability to pay.

At Aravind, expansion, efficiency, and innovation are all driven by one thing – the vision of a world where no one suffers from needless blindness. Or in the words of Dr. V., "To give sight for all."

Thank you all for sharing this vision and for your continuing support and trust in us.

Warmest Regards,
The Board of Aravind Eye Foundation
Equal access to testing and treatment for our retinoblastoma patients

In March, Aravind received a grant from the Jaya G. Iyer Endowment Fund, a Field of Interest Fund at the Madison Community Foundation to provide treatment and genetic testing for our patients with retinoblastoma (eye cancer).

Much of retinoblastoma has a genetic element – a parent or sibling has already had the disease. Aravind has developed a rapid testing method which reduces the cost of testing from $1400 to $200 per test. This improves the odds of catching the disease in an early, curable stage and saving the sight and lives of our patients. However, $200 is still out of reach for most Indian families. This grant will help ensure equal access to early diagnosis and treatment for all our patients.

The Jaya G. Iyer Endowment Fund supports organizations in the United States and India engaged in the treatment of blindness, eye diseases, injury or other afflictions impairing the eyesight of persons living in India. Madison Community Foundation uses its local knowledge and assets to inspire giving, support meaningful initiatives, and connect people for the common good. We are grateful for their support.
Meena Roberts joins Aravind Eye Foundation Board
Aravind Eye Foundation is honored to welcome Meena Roberts to our board of directors. Ms. Roberts is a Managing Partner at Nawitka Capital Advisors, an advisory firm which provides investment, strategy and governance advice to private and government clients in the clean technology sector, and has extensive experience in governance, strategic planning, and development for non-profits in Canada, India, and the US.    ((Read More))
Meeting the demand for specialized medical training
Aravind trains more eye care personnel than any other institution in the world. Over the years, Aravind has trained practitioners from 83 countries. Specialty training has become increasingly important in the effort to eliminate needless blindness. While India leads the world in cataract surgery training, there is growing demand for expertise in other eye diseases, such as diabetic retinopathy or macular degeneration.

We are grateful to the Allene Reuss Memorial Trust for sponsoring seven fellowships for specialty eye care with medical institutions in the United States. Past fellows have trained at New York Eye and Ear Infirmary, Columbia Presbyterian and Sloane-Kettering; Massachusetts Eye and Ear Hospital, Wilmer Eye Institute, and the Jules Stein Center at the University of California.
Tribute to Mr. Jerry Jones, Aravind Eye Foundation board member

With sadness, we note the recent passing of AEF board member, Mr. Jerry Jones, noted philanthropist, successful businessman, spiritual seeker, and meditation teacher. Jerry and his wife Kristayani helped start the Ring of Hope Fund to support treatment for children with retinoblastoma (eye cancer), and through his generosity, the Aravind Genetics Lab for Retinoblastoma was founded. He was a dear friend of Dr. V and to all the Aravind family, and he will be greatly missed.
Healing the Eyes of the World
We hope you enjoy this beautiful video about Aravind, written and directed by Andrew Hinton, and supported by the Fetzer Institute. Andrew Hinton is a Brooklyn-based documentary film maker and director of the Emmy Award-winning film, Tashi and the Monk. The work of the Fetzer Institute centers on "helping build the spiritual foundation for a loving world."