“Do not limit yourself to small things.” 
- From the journals of Dr. G. Venkataswamy, Founder of Aravind Eye Care System

Aravind Eye Foundation Board
Dr. Christine Melton
Treasurer & Secretary
Ms. Pavithra Mehta
Dr.S. Aravind
Lady Neelam Feachem
Mr. Jerry G. Jones
Ms. Meg Lueker
Mr. Thulasiraj Ravilla
Dr.R.D. Ravindran
Dr. Alan Robin
Mr.Sriram Viswanathan
Advisory Board
Mr. Jose Barquin
Dr. Morton Goldberg
Mr. David Green
Ms. Santha Jeyabalan
Prof. Fred Munson
Mr.D. Nagarajan
Dr.P. Namperumalsamy
Prof. Kasturi Rangan
Dr. Bruce Spivey
Executive Director
Ms. Donna Campbell

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Dear Friends, 

Many people first hear the story of Aravind Eye Care System by studying the Harvard Business School case, written by our advisory board member, Dr. Kash Rangan. You cannot help but be amazed by the high volumes of patients, the excellent surgical results and low complication rates – lower than the UK and the US.

Then, if you read carefully, you discover an organization driven entirely by its mission – to eliminate needless blindness – not just in India, but throughout the world. Now, every innovation, every efficiency takes on a slightly different meaning – Aurolab, our manufacturing division, was founded to produce affordable ophthalmic products for the developing world. LAICO, our healthcare consulting group, has taken the Aravind model of sustainable eye care to more than 300 hospitals around the world.

Dig deeper and you will find all the employees, partners, volunteers, and donors who have believed in Aravind – from that very first day in 1976 when our founder Dr. G. Venkataswamy opened an 11-bed hospital in Madurai, Tamil Nadu.

Thank you for being part of the Aravind story.

Warmest regards, 
The Board of Aravind Eye Foundation 

Saving sight, Saving lives – Aravind opens Asia’s first Genetic Testing Lab for Retinoblastoma

Africa This summer, Aravind completed the final phase of development and installed the equipment in our Genetic Testing Lab for Retinoblastoma – the first of its kind in Asia. Retinoblastoma is a form of eye cancer that primarily affects children under age of five, robbing them of their sight and often their lives. In the US, over 90% of cases are cured. In India, more than 90% are fatal.

Over the last ten years, Aravind has become an internationally-recognized center of excellence for retinoblastoma research and treatment. Thank you to all our supporters who have helped establish the Genetic Testing Lab for Retinoblastoma. With all processes in house now, Aravind can offer affordable genetic testing to our patients. And, most importantly, with early diagnosis and treatment, save sight and lives!

We still need your support to pay for treatment of retinoblastoma patients – a full course of treatment costs $1000, well beyond the means of most Indian families. To learn more about how you can help and join Aravind’s Ring of Hope program, please click here.

Celebrating 20 years of Excellence in Humanitarian Aid
Aravind joined past winners in New York on October 4th to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Hilton Humanitarian Prize. The Hilton Laureates have diverse missions – securing land rights for poor farmers, curing cleft palates, supporting people with disabilities. What all share in common is a dedication to alleviating human suffering.

Aravind Eye Care System received the Hilton Humanitarian Prize in 2010 in recognition for our high-quality, efficient, patient-centric eye care. Winning the Hilton Humanitarian Prize affirmed Aravind’s model of sustainable eye care – and raised visibility throughout the worlds of international healthcare and social enterprise. The relationship with the Hilton Foundation continues today, as Aravind takes its model to sub-Saharan Africa with a multi-year grant to set up five eye hospitals.

Twenty years of Hilton Humanitarian Prize Winners. Dr.Christine Melton, President of the Aravind Eye Foundation, third from the right front row.

Thank you iEinstein! You’re a genius!
Technology is key to spreading Aravind’s sustainable, high-quality, patient-centric eye care throughout rural India and the developing world. Telemedicine enables doctors to “see” patients in remote villages; online-training ensures ophthalmic nurses and technicians stay current with the latest eye care techniques.

We are grateful to iEinstein for providing a grant to further develop Aravind’s IT infrastructure. iEinstein is a non-profit dedicated to creating an affordable 21stcentury eLearning ecosystem for all sectors of India’s population.
Aravind Alumni come back to their Roots
Aravind’s impact extends far beyond our hospital walls. Each year, Aravind trains some 300 number of ophthalmologists and eye surgeons from around the globe – who take their sight-saving training back to their home countries.

During annual October Summit, Aravind invited former students to return to their “roots” in Madurai, and share their experiences and fellowship with each other. More than 100 former Aravind trainees attended the 1 ½ -day reunion. Or, as Dr. Reshmy said:

“I prefer to call it a home coming, all members of a large family showering affection on each other! I went back to being a student once more, sitting with friends, going on a picnic, chatting away! I enjoyed every minute of the sessions, and was able to understand how my practice could be improved. My humble pranams to all my teachers at Aravind!!”


Dr. Allen Foster receives the 2015 Dr. G. Venkataswamy Endowment Award
Congratulations to Dr. Allen Foster, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Disease, winner of the 2015 Dr. G. Venkataswamy Endowment Award.

To read Dr. Foster's post on Human's of Aravind, click here https://www.facebook.com/humansofaravind/?fref=nf