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Dear Friends,

In February, the Aravind Eye Foundation team visited Aravind Eye Care System in India, and as always, we were humbled and amazed by the compassion, skill, efficiency, and dedication of every person who works at Aravind Eye Care System. All have taken Dr. V message to heart and are doing something beautiful for someone else. We came back renewed and inspired to spread the Aravind model and share some of the beautiful stories of Aravind.

Warmest regards,
The Board of Aravind Eye Foundation

Aravind Eye Foundation welcomes Sriram Viswanathan to the board of directors

Sriram Viswanathan is an entrepreneur and investor in high tech industry and is the managing partner of IndusAge Global

Rithikasri is a beautiful, sweet-natured child; she loves to run after her big brother, Diwakar. She first came to Aravind Orbit Clinic when she was 12 days old for an eye check-up. Her parents had been told to have her eyes checked, because her brother had cancer three years earlier.

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March 10 - 16, 2013
Vision Centers bring Aravind to rural India
Srivilliputtur is home to one of Tamil Nadu most famous temples, dedicated to the goddess Andal, and a major destination for pilgrims, traders, and visitors since the 8th century.

Yet, this town of 80,000 people had no eye doctor. In 2011, Aravind set up a rural vision centerwith a grant from the Liane Ginsberg Charitable Trust Fund, and today the center sees 500 patients a month. To date, Aravind has established 41 rural vision centers across southern India.

At Srivilliputtur, skilled technicians perform eye examinations, dispense eye glasses and treat minor ailments and injuries. Via a webcam and Internet connection, a doctor at Aravind Hospital -- Madurai, 75 kilometers away, examines the patient and decides whether surgery or further treatment is needed. During the last year, the center fitted more than 1000 patients for eye glasses, and recommended 238 patients for cataract surgery.