Dear members of our extended Aravind family,   I sincerely hope that you and your family are well in this time of unprecedented health situation caused by CoVid-19. Every one of us should be proud of all our employees, including doctors, nurses, administration, maintenance, drivers, security, catering and housekeeping, who have risen to the occasion by performing their duties with dedication and sincerity, true to the longstanding values and tradition of Aravind. The catering staff and our sanitary staff need a special mention of appreciation, since their work has increased manifold in recent times. This period has brought out the best from each one of us. New ideas and innovative processes have been implemented, such as reaching out to our patients proactively by telephone and telemedicine and 3D printing of PPE (personal protective equipment).  We are also sharing our methods and experience in managing this crisis with our alumni, partner hospitals and friends across the world. All this will stand us in good stead, so that as an organization, we will come back with renewed vigor, commitment, and enthusiasm to serve visually impaired people. At this crucial time, let us put aside our differences and pray to help every person in the world.  For the full story on Aravind’s response, please read our coronavirus updates here.